Institute Personnel
Category: Technical Personnel
Full Name Dept / Service
Akrivoulis Spiros Department of Mechanical Engineering
Alexiou Eirini Department of Agricultural Engineering Technologists
Chomata Stella Department of Electrical Engineering
Dimos Christos Business Administration
Dolaptsis Apostolos Department of Agricultural Engineering Technologists
Gani Evaggelia Department of Electrical Engineering
Georgatza Kalliopi Department of Medical Laboratories
Georgiou Pantelis Business Administration
Gkomosidou Eythymia Department of Nursing
Ilioudis Nikolaos Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ioannidoy Niki (en)
Kalogiannis Dimitris Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kostoulis Vasileios Department of Agricultural Engineering Technologists
Koulouktsis Ioannis Department of Accountancy
Lampronikou Marina Department of Medical Laboratories
Mplios Konstantinos Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ninikas Konstantinos Department of Furniture Technology (Karditsa)
Poulouli Aikaterini Department of Biosystems Engineering
Rammou Aikaterini ΣΤΕΓ
Stylianos Tilemachos Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications
Tsirogianni Georgia Department of Civil Engineering (Trikala)
Vitsiotis Georgios Department of Biosystems Engineering
Zianis Dimitrios Department of Forestry and Natural Environment Administration


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